What is the meaning of the term raw in photography?

If someone is new in the field and just got their first DSRL. Then, it is for sure that raw is the new term for them. It is nothing but an image format that is being used by the DSLR cameras. Most of these high range cameras give this option to their user to choose which type of format they want for their image. For example, JPEG or TIFF format that many people are aware of. RAW is also the same. And, right now many photographers also use RAW format for their photos. Because it does not compress the photo like JPEG or TIFF format does. 

That is why almost every photographer loves to shoot in raw format. Also, it lets the person edit almost everything in the photo. Not like jpeg or tiff format in which only a few things can be edited. It can be understood like those old days cameras that come with camera roll. In which photo is taken and then the negative is sent to the lab to develop the photos. Raw photography is the same in which everything can be edited. 

Why raw format photos are better? 

First of all, a raw photo can’t be edited in any software. For that, a person needs to have such software which can edit raw photos. Such software will process and compress the raw photo into the traditional format of any image. After that edit anything in the photo. Like balancing the color, sharpening, more details from shadow all of these things. That too without even damaging the quality of the photo. 

Use powerful editing software

To edit such kind of photos a person needs a powerful editing software. Some of the names of the software are Luminar and Adobe Photoshop. These are two software that is widely being used by the photographer.  One can go to https://skylum.com/luminar/color-photo-editor to learn more about the editing software.