How do You Celebrate a Romantic Birthday?

Celebrating birthdays is the most precious moment. Not only children, adults too will feel happy if given a surprise by the closest person. As people get older, birthday celebrations are usually held more privately. As a child, birthday celebrations are usually held by inviting friends and relatives. Adults have different views on celebrating birthdays. Celebrating this historic day no longer needs to be done lively. For example, when it’s your boyfriend’s birthday, your partner comes and just surprises you, it makes your feelings bloom.

To make your boyfriend’s birthday celebration fun, here are simple but meaningful ideas that you can adapt. You can also use the birthday gift delivery Singapore service. This will make it easier for you to choose a gift and send it.

Belated Birthday Surprise

Surprising right on your boyfriend’s birthday does seem normal and it’s common for other couples to do. If you want to make a special birthday celebration and have a deep impression on your partner, birthday app can surprise you another day after the D-Day.

To make a celebration that really feels real, you have to be good at acting. Pretend you forgot your boyfriend’s important day. If your boyfriend starts giving out codes leading up to his birthday, try not to respond to the codes.

However, you need to remember that celebrating a belated birthday requires a surprise or gift that will surely make him happy. You have to be smart in choosing the type of gift to give to your girlfriend. So that his irritation and anger because you pretended to spend a special day for him, turned into an immeasurable feeling of happiness.

Send her favorite food

The second fun way to celebrate your boyfriend’s birthday is to send him his favorite food. This method is very personal. By sending his favorite food without his knowledge, it’s a sign that you really understand your boyfriend’s character.

Try to find out your boyfriend’s favorite food. Try to cook the food yourself. You can send it to the office or to your boyfriend’s house. Make food with more portions, so that other people can also taste your homemade dishes. If necessary, accompany it with writing or words that touch him. Your boyfriend will definitely feel touched to receive it.

Surprise After Work

Office hours are the right time to surprise your boyfriend. You can ease his tiredness with a birthday surprise when he gets home from work.

Prepare a birthday cake or gift for your girlfriend. There are many choices of gifts that are right for your girlfriend. If you are a creative type of partner, you can give a homemade gift, for example, a mini-novel containing a love journey with your partner.

You can also make photo collages from the first moment you met, until the time you were still with him. Such special gifts are very personal to him as well as to you.

Invite Travel

Being able to spend time together is a precious moment, especially for couples who are both busy, the moment of togetherness is not present all the time. Therefore, when there is an opportunity to spend time together, immediately make the most of it.

One of the surprises you can give your boyfriend on his birthday is to take him out for a walk and spend time together. You can choose a romantic destination or a place that your boyfriend wants to visit.

Create a romantic trip that will make him happy. It could be a walk on a beautiful beach, a flower garden, or camping together.

Forget your smartphone, social media, and all the work that distracts you. Pay all attention to him. Opportunities will not come twice. So, don’t waste time on things outside the mission of giving your boyfriend a birthday surprise.

Because not necessarily next year you can still celebrate the same moment. So, try to give him the little surprise he will remember as the best time with you.

Writing Love Letters

We know that the world is already familiar with technology, where communication can be more practical and faster. You can do correspondence activities using chat applications, email, and direct messages that can be directly received by the person you are going to right away. However, today’s correspondence is something unique and rarely done. When you receive a letter, it feels even more romantic.

A love letter on a special day is a unique gift for your boyfriend. In addition to birthday greetings, romantic words that contain personal expressions from you can mean more to him. And most importantly the letter must be handwritten.

Write a letter expressing love and things you want to tell your boyfriend. Arrange sentences that can touch his feelings. Complete your surprise with a little gift that he really wants.

Give your love letter along with a bouquet of roses or his favorite flower. This will add to the romantic and happy atmosphere. You can use flower delivery Singapore services. Of course, it will make it easier for you.