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Tips for Buying Furniture Online

The Internet has made it possible to order virtually anything and have it delivered. With that in mind, many furniture sellers have adapted their businesses so customers can order home goods on the Internet. The concept has made it possible for millions of shoppers to save time and energy while decorating their homes. However, there are some differences between buying online and in stores. Shoppers must measure carefully before buying, consider assembly needs, and ensure they choose the colour they want. Smart consumers should also evaluate all delivery and return policies.

Pay Attention to Dimensions

Most customers understand that they need to measure the size of furnishings before ordering online. While many accurately gauge length, width, and depth, some fail to consider ceiling height or a stairwell’s dimensions. Shoppers may also forget to factor in the size of doors or include banisters in stairway figures.

Professionals suggest taking all of these measurements twice and then adding an inch to be on the safe side. When in doubt, call the seller and get details. For instance, the store might point out that sofa legs are removable, which is not always included in descriptions.

Make a Note of Assembly Instructions.

Many product descriptions describe product assembly as simple, and their online images could make it look that way. However, online descriptions might not account for packing and shipping practices that impact assembly. It is common for imported pieces to be flat packed to save room. When customers get items, they may be in several pieces and come with several pages of instructions. Fortunately, customers who don’t want to deal with assembly can buy furniture in a store. Those who do put things together at home should construct them in the room where they will be used to ensure they fit.

Investigate Products’ True Colours

The colours of furnishings displayed online may look very different once customers get them home. It is not because sellers are misrepresenting their products. The problem occurs because device screens can display colours differently than they appear in real life. It is also common for colours to vary from one device to another. For instance, colours in a photo on a phone may not even be close to the same picture on a laptop screen, and both could vary from the item’s actual hue.

The simplest way to avoid an expensive error is to request a fabric swatch, which sellers are happy to provide. A swatch also allows buyers to touch the fabric and feel its weight before committing to a purchase.

Read Delivery and Return Information

Many stores now offer free delivery, which saves money. Some also provide the option to select a white-glove service that provides important benefits. Customers pay an extra fee for the service so that professionals bring items in, set them up, and haul away debris.

Understanding return policies is equally important. Businesses frequently charge return and restocking fees if items are returned. They may also require that products are shipped back in their original packaging. Also, be aware of return policies on sale or clearance items. It can be frustrating to be stuck with that chartreuse love seat that looked good online but is a disaster in real life.

There are a few critical dos and don’ts involved in buying furnishings online. Shoppers need to measure carefully and make sure they understand how much assembly is required. Since online colours do not always look the same in real life, buyers should order swatches the represent actual colours. Consumers also need to be aware of shipping and return policies.