How to be Your Most Iconic and Fashionable Self with Cerruti 1881

Fashion is not just about what you wear anymore. It’s about who you are, what you believe in, and what you stand for. That’s why it’s essential to pick a brand that meets not only your fashion needs but communicates your personality, values and brings out the best in you. One such brand is Cerruti 1881.

A Parisian brand with its roots in Italy, Cerruti 1881, is a brand known for its exclusive fashion line, especially curated for men’s couture but as of late, it has also launched a fashion line for women’s couture.  (Fun fact- it is also known to meet luxury fashion requirements of the Hollywood gentlemen Christian Bale and Tom Hanks in the Hollywood flicks American Psycho and Philadelphia)

Thus, presenting the best from the finest brand, here are some of the apparel you can add to your luxury wardrobe this season.

  1. Cerruti 1881 Shoes

  An exquisite outfit cannot go without a la mode shoes. One doesn’t only need it to go by the day affluently but to set a statement in front of the world that you’re not the man who is going to settle for less, and you only want the best – be it your dreams or anything that you desire in your everyday life.

Thus, here are some of the chicest, classy shoe recommendations you can choose with your eyes closed.

Blu Navy Loafer

Nero Black Loafer

  1. Cerruti 1881 Jackets and Coats

Winters are not the kindest, which is why it’s important to protect yourself from them. So while you are at it, why not do it in style? Cerruti 1881 Jackets and Coats were designed for this very purpose–for you to be unbothered, and voguish at the same time.

Here are some of our recommendations from the Cerruti 1881 Jackets and Coats collection:

Verde jacket

Nerofuxia Jackets & Coat


  1. Cerruti 1881 Handbags

We come alone and leave alone. But somewhere in the middle, in between our day to day lives, we definitely don’t leave our homes alone, we leave with a hundred essentials to go about our day. Be it lipsticks, chargers, earphones, wallets, and so on – the list doesn’t end but our hands do, they’re too tiny to contain all of these things. But thank Goodness, someone did create handbags to make our lives easier.

Although Cerruti 1881 deals exclusively in men’s fashion, it has also started an exclusive line for women’s Handbags to make your walks comfortable in the most fashionable way.

Here are some of the best Cerruti 1881 Handbags you can definitely consider adding to your bag collection.

Tortora Taupe Shoulder Bag

Rosso Red Handbag

The Last Word

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