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3 Ways Technology Has Changed the Plumbing Industry

Modern times brought a lot of improvements to mankind. The same is  true in the plumbing industry. The innovations, new materials, techniques and other techniques developed through the years have improved how plumbers serve and make life easier for their clients. Today, less invasive plumbing procedures, economical, time and resource conscious methods and materials make it possible to enjoy efficient home plumbing, at an affordable cost.

Technology has a huge impact in the plumbing industry. Although the need for a 24 hour local plumber Sydney tradesman and emergency plumbing services are still here, innovation and technology made it possible to get plumbing jobs done faster. Superior solutions at affordable prices are now easily available to homeowners.

Here are three ways that narrates how technology has touched and changed the face of the plumbing industry for the better.

Efficient Plumbing Diagnosis with CCTV

Unlike before, CCTV drain systems made it possible to avoid that heavy lifting when doing repairs for drains and sewers. Traditionally, plumbing contractors would have to excavate underground pipes to be able to determine the cause of issues on a waste disposal system. However, with the invention and innovation of the CCTV, it is now possible to avoid having to undergo a huge excavation onsite to address sewer and drain issues.

With the aid of a small camera, a CCTV can efficiently locate and diagnose issues inside sewer pipes and drains located underground. Access to such information makes it possible to remove the guesswork, saving time and money in pinpointing the plumbing issue, allowing fast and correct repair and rectification. Through this technology, time, money and resources are saved. The digging process is eliminated and the work area is kept safe and undisturbed before, during and after the completion of the job.

Affordable Repair Options through Pipe Relining

Leaks and drains and sewers are hard to address, especially decades ago. However, through the use of CCTV drains, it is now possible to locate leaks and cracks in a sewer line system and repair them with the use of relining. Instead of completely removing and replacing a leaking and cracked sewer pipe system, it is now possible to reline sewer pipes, with a safe and affordable material that can be used to repair leaks effectively, even in underground pipe lines.

Drain and sewer relining does not require digging and can be used both in commercial and residential homes. Interestingly, relined pipes are 100% leak proof. They also prevent tree-root invasion and make a pipe stronger, extending its lifespan and serviceability longer. It also helps homeowners save time and resources. Technology advancement in plumbing made it possible to enjoy fast and affordable solutions, even for major and complicated plumbing issues.

Environmentally Friendly Options

Water heating consumes a significant amount of energy use in a household. It can take up 15% to 27% of the overall energy consumption in a home. However, this is also a huge contributor to gas emissions that is released in the environment.

Luckily, as new technologies and innovation in the plumbing industry are discovered and introduced, environmentally-conscious options are now available. Solar water heaters make it possible to reduce energy use in homes without having to worry about their heating requirements. Solar energy can now be harnessed and be used to fuel homes in generating electricity and making heating requirements less bad for the environment. Advancement in technology in the plumbing industry made it possible to reduce power bills without leaving too much carbon footprint.

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The plumbing industry has a bright future, together with these latest advancements that are continuously being improved and innovative in the market. Together with better tools, plumbing techniques and new practices, affordable, safe and reliable home plumbing systems awaits in the future.