Top 4 Tips for Buying the Best Kids Smart Watch

Best smartwatch for kids 2021 | The Independent

Kids smartwatches are growing in popularity. It is called the smartphone alternative, the cyber seat belt, and the best first device. The rise of kids’ safety smartwatches can be attributed to parents’ growing interest in limiting screen time and giving their children more freedom to roam the neighborhood while still keeping them safe.

With numerous brands to choose from—each boasting a different design and myriad functions—finding the best kids smart watch for your child is a personal decision. That’s why we’ve put together an ultimate guide to the best kids’ smartwatches. If you’re ready to invest in a smartwatch for your kid but have no idea where to begin, our guide is here to facilitate your shopping experience. 

Calling Options Now Include Video

Until now, you may not have been able to contact your 7-year-old any time you wanted. Without a mobile phone, your kids are effectively unreachable if they’re out of earshot. This is one reason parents of younger kids consider getting their children a smartphone. Unfortunately, smartphones come with safety and security concerns for younger kids—who is calling them, how difficult is it to limit their access to social media or adult material, etc. Parents facing this difficulty have had no option but to reach for cell phones in recent years—that is, until now.

A kids smartwatch offers two-way communication without any unnecessary extras that come with a smartphone. Some watches are limited to voice calls, while others include voice chats, SMS texting, and video calling.

SOS Mode is Excellent Peace of Mind

Let’s face it: Children can get into all types of trouble. A little mischief is usually nothing to bother about, but what about when your kid is faced with real danger? SOS mode to the rescue! With the click of a button, your child’s smartwatch immediately calls the emergency contacts you created.

Some smartwatches for kids also allow you to set up more SOS contacts. Models with GPS tracking help you instantly find your child if the SOS mode is activated, so you can get to them as fast as possible. 

Consider Durability

Another universal truth when it comes to kids: sometimes they break things. A rigid device that can resist rough handling may be the right choice. Look for a wristband made from durable material, such as silica gel, which is not only strong but also comfortable to wear.

A durable and best kids smartwatch that can withstand hard-wearing use is easier to identify when a company is secure enough to offer a quality guarantee.

Look for Battery Life

Long battery life is a must-have feature. The watch must store a charge for as long as possible so that you can talk with your children at any time of day. Kids usually forget when they need to charge a device or bring their charger to school, a friend’s house, etc. And unlike an adult, they can’t count on having an extra charger in their car. So it’s essential to choose a device with long battery life.