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A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Find Your Vocal Range

For a singer, the vocal range is one of the most essential parts. It helps to understand which song would best suit that particular voice range. The vocal range is the range of roads that one can comfortably choose from the lowest to the highest.

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to find your vocal range (หาเสียง ร้อง ของ ตัว เอง, which is the term in Thai)

● Warm-Up

Before you start, it is imperative to warm up the voice to prevent injury and stream. Start by doing breathing exercises and vocal warm-ups, including humming, sirens or lip trills.

● Sing Comfortable Notes

It would help if you sang on a comfortable note to find your comfort zone. Make sure you sing at an uncomfortable volume and hold it for a few seconds.

● Sing Higher Notes

Gradually, as you move the scale by half steps, you can sing each note at the most comfortable volume and hold it for a few seconds. As you keep moving up the scale until you reach an uncomfortable note, you will understand it is your higher note.

● Sing Lower Notes

Now as you move back down the scale by half step, each note in a comfortable volume. As you hold it for a few seconds, you can keep moving down the scale until you reach the note that might make you feel uncomfortable or strained. You will be able to understand that it is your lowest note.

● Determine The Vocal Range

The focal range is the range of the highest and lowest notes. If you have the highest and lowest notes of G5 and the lowest note of C3, then your vocal range is G3 to C5 full stop. This way, you can identify which song would best suit your voice.

● Practice And Develop Your Range

As you have determined your vocal range, you must start practising to improve your range and develop your voice. As you practice regularly and work on expanding the range by gradually singing a lower and higher pitch, you can master your range. At the same time, it is also important to sing in your comfortable range to avoid any stream.

In Conclusion

Finding the vocal range is the most essential step for any singer. As you follow these steps, you can determine your vocal range and use it to choose songs that are best suited for your voice. Make sure that you remember to always warm up your voice before singing and practise regularly to improve your range and develop your voice.