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Guide to Selecting Commercial Furniture

Whether you are a bar or restaurant owner, you undoubtedly want your business to look its best and provide comfort to guests. One of the best ways to ensure both of those goals is by choosing the right bar stool or restaurant seating. There are so many options that this can seem like a daunting task, but thankfully, you only need to keep a few key factors in mind when choosing a seating solution for your bar or restaurant.

Choosing a Restaurant and Bar Seating

Bar furniture suppliers, like Richardson Furniture, offer a huge variety of bar seating options. The important thing to keep in mind is the purpose of this piece of furniture. Do you want to display your bar’s unique logo on your seating? How do you want the seating to fit into your restaurant’s aesthetic?

The right materials are especially important in choosing seating solutions. Options vary from wood to metal to chrome to leather to vinyl. Each material has its benefits and drawbacks that should be taken into account.

Types of Bar Seating

Custom logo stools advertise your logo and promote your brand in both laminate and solid upholstery vinyl. Cafe bar stools are produced in both wood and metal, often in a ladder back design. Cafe bar stools offer a softer, more relaxed look than other bar stool options.

Bolt-down bar stools are an especially sturdy option, made of steel and cast iron. Swivel seats are an incredibly popular option. They are sturdy, affordable, and simple, with an appealing design.

Types of Restaurant Seating

Bolt-down chairs are a fantastic, swivelling option that can be customized to fit the height of your table. Chrome chairs offer a retro feel to any restaurant, while beech wood chairs offer a more upscale feel.

Club chairs are typically made of leather and provide a relaxed atmosphere. Cafe chairs are highly versatile; they can be crafted from wood, metal, or be upholstered. As with bar stools, logos can also be emblazoned on the back of your restaurant chairs.

Other Seating Necessities

While you may have chosen the right seating solution, your design adventure is far from over. Many seating manufacturers design custom tables to match your seating solutions, like logo tables or chrome tables.

Many manufacturers also offer products that can upgrade your existing furniture, such as special bases to steady wobbly tables, chair backings, upholstery and staining services, and height adjustments. Restaurant and bar furniture and decor can have a major impact on a guest’s experience, so it is crucial to make sure that it is perfect.

No matter what bar seating or restaurant seating solution you choose, whether it’s a bolt-down bar stool or a chrome chair, the most important thing is to choose a good manufacturer. Make sure to select a specialist in commercial seating who will be able to customize the height, materials, and maybe even the logo on your restaurant or bar seating. You and your guests deserve to have comfortable, stylish, and sturdy seating solutions.