5 amazing Christmas gift ideas for golf lovers

If you know a golfer who can’t get through a weekend without hitting the links, we’ve got you covered. Below, we’ve rounded up five incredible gift ideas for golf lovers around the world… 

Chocolate golf balls

Want to cater to your partner’s love of golf and sweet tooth at the same time? Lindt is one step ahead of you, having released their very own milk chocolate golf balls that are perfect as a stocking filler. Made in Austria, these delicious treats are packed with smooth, melting chocolate – and they contain almonds and hazelnuts for that undeniable taste of Lindt. Buy a box or two to sit under the tree and you can share them on Christmas morning. Delicious!

A golfing weekend away

Got the budget to buy your partner something out of the ordinary? Consider planning a trip to one of the world’s many great golfing destinations, whether it’s Monterey Peninsula, where you’ll be able to enjoy a scenic view of the course at Pebble Beach Golf Links, or Royal County Down, considered one of the world’s most stunning links, set in the Murlough Nature Reserve. Wherever you go, do your research on the proximity to the nearest course and look for ways that you can entertain yourself if you’re not into golf. Perhaps booking into a spa hotel where you can relax and unwind whilst your loved one enjoys a round or two?

Gift vouchers

Let’s face it: unless you’re into golf, it’s pretty hard to tell the difference between a golf club and a golf ball. One of the best ways to show your partner, son, or father that you care about their passion is to treat them to a gift voucher, which they can put towards whatever they’re in need of. From clothing and footwear to putters and trolleys, they can go wild! We suggest buying a voucher from Auchterlonies, one of the finest golf shops in St Andrews Scotland

Golf watch

Manufacturers including Garmin have developed a range of watches exclusively for golfers, offering built-in GPS, heart rate monitoring, activity profiles, and performance metrics, with some software able to determine the location of a particular course and assess performance accordingly. Shop around as there are many brands on the market – from the sub-£300 Sky Caddie LX5 GPS Watch, through to the £2,000 TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition, the truth is that you’re often paying for the brand rather than the functionality, so do your research!

A rangefinder

Buying a gift for someone who’s only recently got into golfing? A rangefinder could be an ideal option to consider, offering accuracy and helping to improve their practising. The Garmin Approach Z80 is one of the most popular, offering full-colour course maps, GPS, and a modern design, but it’s pricy, coming in at more than £600. The GolfBuddy aim L10V with voice & slope, on the other hand, offers many of the same features – like reading aloud the measured yardage – for a more affordable £260. Read the reviews and make sure the rangefinder you buy supports the golf courses your loved one plays at; some will not.

There you have it – some great tips for buying golf gifts for a loved one this Christmas. Let us know if you have any other ideas and check back soon for more from our website.