Telugu Horror Movie JESSIE Is Streaming On AHA

How about some quarantine movie binging? Do Telugu horrors appeal to you? If you are ready for a compelling horror ride, watch Jessie! Telugu movies have created a benchmark across the nation with funny characters and gripping plots. The industry has seen a rise in fame with its constant releases. Never mind Covid, the Telugu cinema industry is always up for a new story.

Commercial movies have been a signature move that is getting Telugu artists worldwide praise. South-Indian movies are pretty varied and the directors always seem to experiment. Despite a few flops the industry sustained, it has been a smooth ride. Telugu originals and Telugu-dubbed content have equal demand among the audience base.

With OTT platforms entering the global market, regional movies have caught more eyes than before. Telugu cinema never fails to impress with their perfect acts and engaging tracks. If you wish to view watch online movies sites, check out AHA today!

Jessie – A thrill ride!

Jessie is a 2019 horror tale written and directed by Aswani Kumar V. The film is a 1hour and 46 minutes feast for the eyes of a cinephile. Packed with a solid plot, Jessie keeps you intrigued from the start. The movie cast includes AshimaNarwal, SrithaChandana, Atul Kulkarni, KabirDuhan Singh, ArchanaShastry, AbhinavGomatam, and PavaniGangireddy. The movie is a break from male-centric comedies with strong female leads and an absorbing storyline.

The movie starts with a group of paranormal hunters who reach a house located away from the city. They are in search of the missing sisters Jessie and Amy. Amid the investigation, they witness chilling events. The rest of the story takes a ride back in time to answer certain critical questions. Jessie is an intense film with make-believe characters and haunting sound effects.

The Aswani creation is produced by Shweta Singh and the shots taken by Sunil Kumar N. If you are an absolute horror buff, Jessie is for you! The film is appraised for its aesthetic appeal and riveting narration. With a screenplay like no other, the film is definitely a worthy watch.

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