Here Are Some of The Tips to Keep Your Dog Engaged

We all know social Distancing and self-imposed quarantine has made it difficult for our dogs to stay indoors especially for those who are the most social and active ones. Pets are like little kids, we can get yourself engaged with a movie, social media and many more things to d but like small kid’s pets need special attention. Nowadays you can just hand over a phone to a kid to watch a video and they will keep themselves engaged for the whole day but this is not the case with the dogs.

Here a list of few things has been compiled to keep your pets active even within the four walls of the house


While you may get standard pet food online which is the easiest thing to give to your pet as they are conveniently delivered. If you are thinking about keeping them busy the basic food could be switched and different treats could be ordered which will keep them engaged and excited about their food. This is a good way to keep the pets engaged healthily.

Hide and Seek

Pets could be trained to play these exciting games indoor by giving them treats whenever they find you. It could be a good little activity for your pets which will make them happy and trust me it will make your time worthwhile too. It will uplift both of your moods and will create a happy environment. This could be started with leaving trails of treats to follow and get you. After this, you may show them a treat and hide so they come behind looking for the treat later.

DIY Toys

Apart from the pest people are also bored at home and if you feel this is time to get your pet a new toy why not make one. There are thousands of online videos which trains one to make new toys for their pets in an innovative way. An old t-shirt could be made into a rug ball, plastic bottle with covered cloth could be used as the sound toy.


While you are free see online videos and try to train your pet to learn some cool tricks. This will the et working and busy and also will keep you busy spending more time with your pet and finally when they learn the trick you can give them a treat which will make them as well as you are happy.

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