Things You Should Know Before Starting Horse Riding

Equestrian offers numerous benefits to the practitioner, both physical and psychological. Many people are interested in the sport but end up not practicing because they don’t know how or where to start. For this reason, I decided to dedicate the first blog post to this.

Here are some things you should know if you’re thinking about starting this sport:

1- You Will Inevitably Take Classes On The Guide

For those who don’t know, the lessons on the guide are a widely used method, especially in classic equestrianism, to help the rider with balance and confidence exercises. Most of the time, the first lessons are in this style, and they are essential for the rider’s development. It doesn’t matter if you are 60 or 6 years old, your first classes will most likely be in the tab

2- Equestrianism Is A Sport With An “Expiration Date” Much Longer Than Most Other Sports.

“Expiration date? Like this?” Simple. Horseback riding is a sport for all ages.

As it is a sport that, despite requiring physical effort, requires a certain maturity and coolness, it makes room for older athletes. In addition to not having an age category division, there is also no gender division, meaning men and women of all ages can compete in the same category, as long as they jump the same height.

3- It Is Not Necessary To Buy All The Equipment For The First Class

For your first equestrian class, buying the complete equipment would be silly. The stud or equestrian where you’ll be practicing will likely have a helmet, saddle, blanket, halter, mouthpiece, whips, and all the gear you need to borrow for your first lessons. In the beginning, especially if you’re still taking classes at the guide, a pair of jeans or leggings will do in place of your breeches.

If you are thinking of investing in some material, we suggest that you invest first in a breach, a helmet, some type of footwear, be it a short boot and a legging or a classic long barrel boat, or a vest to protect the spine in case of fall. There are numerous options for these items with the most varied styles and prices.

4 -Equestrianism Is Not Pure Glamour

Despite this image that equestrianism has of a “rich sport”, which happens to be not true, daily life in the stables is not as luxurious as many people think. Practicing this sport also includes equipping and cleaning the horse, constantly ending up stepping on the “little gifts” horses leave, getting used to the smell of manure, getting a huge layer of dust and clay stuck to your face, sweating like a pig, end up walking like a lame duck after a class…

5- You Will Fall

One time or another you will end up falling. It’s inevitable.

6- Each Horse Is Different

Every horse is different, they have different temperaments, different temperaments, different quirks. Never expect them to be all the same because they are not.

7- But Despite All This, It’s Worth It.

In the end, it always pays off.