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Bye, Back Pain! The 6 Best Mattress Types For Back Pain In Singapore

While a storage bed in Singapore is one of the most sought-after bed types due to its functionality and space-saving capabilities, many people prefer something else that helps ease their nightly back pain struggles. Suffering from back pain can make it challenging to get a good night’s sleep. So, if you are investing in a new one, the solution is to choose the right mattress that can improve your sleep quality. If you plan to skip buying a storage bed with drawers, consider these six best mattress types for back pain available in Singapore.

Memory foam

A memory foam mattress is one of the known types best for conforming to the shape of your body. They can be significantly good at providing support and pressure relief where you need it the most. A memory foam mattress can also evenly distribute weight, alleviating discomfort and pain for people with lower back pain!


Besides a memory foam mattress, latex mattresses are also workable for providing support and pressure relief. Like a memory foam mattress, they can also conform to your body. The best features of this type are its bouncier feel, making it easier to move around on, and it is naturally hypoallergenic. They have high resistance to dust mites and mould, which is also excellent for people with allergies or asthma.


An innerspring bed can also be the best mattress for back pain in Singapore. This type comes with a supportive coil system and is often preferred by people with back pain, providing firmness, support, balance, and comfort.

Adjustable air

Adjustable air mattresses are also beneficial for back pain. The best mattress for back pain in Singapore should be able to adapt and adjust its firmness, and this type can do that. They can change the firmness depending on your desired level. This feature is practical for people with back pain, allowing them to experiment with different firmness levels to see what works best for their sleeping position.


With a good combination of different materials of latex, innerspring, and a memory foam mattress, hybrid mattresses can provide a good balance of pressure relief, support, and bounciness. This type is the best option for people looking for a mixture of different features in one mattress.


A waterbed is also one of the best mattress types for back pain in Singapore, as they are pretty adjustable and can provide a balance of support and pressure relief. The only con, however, is that they can be pretty expensive. On the hunt for a shop that sells the best mattress for back pain in Singapore? You can only score them at Four Star Industries! Shop on their website today!