5 Ways In Which You Can Increase Your Chances Of Getting Published 

Are you an aspiring author hoping to get published one day? Well, many people desire to write a book in their lifetime however only a few manage to attain this dream. The journey to publishing can be characterized by numerous discouragements and rejections. Luckily, there are some steps that you can take to increase your chances of getting published. These include: 


  • Build your platform 


Publishing companies are often attracted to authors who already have an existing audience. This means that you should make an effort to increase your readership by creating a blog and becoming more active on social media. When you build your platform, then you are able to approach prospective publishing companies with a solid proposal which is financially viable. 


  • Join writing contests 


When was the last time that you participated in free writing contests? Well, it is worth noting that many of the judges in free writing contests are quite influential voices in the writing space and they have connections with various top editors and executives in publishing companies. In fact, some writing contests are purely talent searches which are aimed at finding the next best-selling author. This means that you need to be keen to put your best foot forward whenever you sign up for a writing contest because you never really know who might be watching. 


  • Hire an editor 


When preparing a pitch to send to a publishing company, you need to make sure that your submission is as viable as possible. This means that you need to hire an editor who is familiar with the common features and characteristics that publishers look for when choosing an author. It is often not enough for you to proof read the work yourself or even give it to your fellow writer friends. A professional editor will provide a fresh perspective and help you to identify certain mistakes or areas for improvement which would have otherwise been missed.  


  • Create unique content 


There are countless authors who are also looking to get published. So, what sets you apart from the crowd? It is advisable that you should have a special niche that differentiates your work. This could be a unique style of writing or even an unexpected format that is difficult to imitate. If you want to increase your chances of getting published, then you definitely need to work on your creativity and innovation thereby creating a brand that attracts the masses. 


  • Get professional training 


While it is true that there are many published authors who have no formal training in writing, the skills acquired in a classroom setting will most definitely work to your advantage in your journey to becoming a published author. This doesn’t necessarily mean applying for a Bachelor’s Degree, rather you can even find an online course or attend a writing workshop where you can learn about the basics of writing and thereby get the necessary skills required to write a bestseller.