Top 5 Traditional Dishes in Solo That You Must Try

Solo (official title: Surakarta) is a town in Central Java that holds firm to the Javanese roots. For instance, in this city, you may find heritage buildings such as the Surakarta Palace. It is also an ideal place to shop for traditional batik. But other than that, Solo is a place for food lovers, as the city offers a whole lot of authentic dishes. Below is a list that will take your wanderlust to Solo.

  1. Timlo

This soothing bowl of savoury soup is rich in proteins and veggies, so it might definitely calm that growling stomach. A bowl of hot Timlo soup includes clear broth that is bombarded with a type of fried chicken egg roll cut into bits, telur pindang (sweet hard-boiled egg), boiled mushrooms, various vegetables, chicken innards, and a sprinkle of fried crispy Asian shallots.

  1. Cabuk Rambak

Cabuk Rambak is a Solo cuisine that is difficult to find elsewhere in Indonesia. It’s usually considered a snack or meals eaten between meals because of its small part. A tasty plate of Cabuk Rambak consists of ketupat (rice packaged interior of a diamond-shaped box from woven palm leaves) drizzled in a pale brown sauce which contains roasted sesame seeds and coconut meat. To top it off, a few rice crackers are added to give texture to the dish. This dish is sure to be memorable and leave you wanting for more.

  1. Nasi Liwet

Nasi Liwet is one of the most famous dishes in Solo. Nasi Liwet is a tasty rice dish comprised of various side dishes which can make your mouth water. The savoury rice is cooked with coconut milk, chicken broth, bay leaves, and lemongrass, which makes it quite a delicious treat on its own. It is then accompanied by a flavoursome array of side dishes, including omelette or pindang egg (hard-boiled egg cooked in sweet soy sauce), shredded chicken cooked in coconut milk, spicy pumpkin stew and areh (thick coconut sauce).

  1. Selat Solo

Solo has its own rendition of ‘steak’. This recipe, influenced by culture, is a Solo dish which contains beef braised in a broth consisting of garlic, vinegar, sweet soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and experienced with pepper and salt. It comes with a range of legumes, usually carrots and vegetables, along with a side of potatoes. Each of these components is blended into one hearty dish that will definitely suit your rumbling tummy.

  1. Serabi Solo

Well, Solo has a snack to satisfy your craving for some candy goodness. Don’t confuse this with the types of Serabi provided on the island of Java. This bite is basically made out of rice flour mixed with coconut milk and then fried similarly to the way pannekoek (Dutch pancakes) is fried. Some variations include toppings such as chocolate sprinkles, bananas, cheese as well as jackfruit.

Solo has a lot of food that you must try when you visit. But, overall, vacation is more than just-food. It’s also about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Solo and Indonesia by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.