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What to Expect During a Residential Metal Roof Installation?

Homeowners across the country are finally starting to come around to the benefits of switching to metal roofing. Metal roofs require a greater upfront investment, but in return, they offer much longer lifespans, improved curb appeal, and reduced maintenance. Property owners who are about to jump on the metal roofing bandwagon can read on to find out what to expect during the installation.

Choosing a Roofer

The first step to getting that perfect metal roof is to find a qualified roofer. Most homeowners know to check licenses, insurance, and references for roofing companies, but some forget about the importance of hiring local contractors. A locally owned and operated company will be more committed to providing excellent customer service and professional results than a national chain.

Making Plans

The first thing the roofer will do is inspect the home’s existing roof. Be prepared to offer access to the attic or crawlspace so the roof inspector can take a look at the interior. From there, the roofer and his or her client will arrange a time and date for the installation and come up with contingency plans to allow for bad weather. The roofer will take care of the rest, from arranging for material delivery and renting a dumpster for old roof materials to scheduling enough workers to complete the job efficiently.

Preparing for the Installation

There are also a few things homeowners can do to make sure they are prepared. Start by clearing the yard and driveway of outdoor furniture, kids’ toys, flower pots, and other loose items. It’s also important to remove hanging plants or wind chimes from the gutters and cover any plants that can’t be moved easily to protect them from falling debris.

Homeowners should also clear an area for the roofing contractors to work and make sure there’s space in the driveway to accommodate their vehicles. It’s also a good idea to arrange a point of access into the home if needed to access the roof’s interior. Now is also the time to make plans for how to keep children and pets away from the work area.

Day of the Project

On the day of the installation, there will be multiple roofers on the site, often using hand and power tools. Expect some noise, and know that there will inevitably be some dust and debris produced in the process. Clients who plan to be home during the roof replacement process should communicate with the contractor in advance about safe entry and exit points to avoid injuries from falling debris.

Other than staying safely out of the way and acting as a point of contact should any complications arise, there’s nothing else homeowners and their families need to worry about. The roofers will take care of everything, from initial preparations to final cleanup. Homeowners should expect to perform a walk-through with the contractor to discuss the finished installation and potential concerns within 48 hours of the project’s completion.

The Bottom Line

Installing a residential metal roof is a complicated process, but homeowners don’t have to worry about all the particulars. All they need to do is hire a roofing company, make some advanced preparations, and stay out of the way while the contractors perform their valuable work.