What a “Knot” in Your Back Is and How to Fix It?


Knots are spasm that leads to a small portion of a muscle tight and tensing up. It can very painful in some cases. The athletes get knots in some body areas due to training some forces for a long time. If you are lifting weight to earn your livelihood or used to sit in front of computers for hours regularly, then you might have the knot issue in your back. These knots build when muscles don’t get enough relaxation. The trapezius muscle often gets this knot. It is a large muscle from your skull to the back and out to your shoulders.

Resting is very important to make your muscles relax, but you have to work to make your life that is why you need some solution to get rid of knots in your back. This article will tell how you can easily fix the knot in your back to do your daily activities. Let’s get started.

How to Fix a Knot in Your Back?

If you are facing pain in some areas of your back, you should take steps to recover from it. You can do it by massaging the area as follows.

  1. Find Knots

The very first step is to find the area where you have knots. Most often, it is in the upper back and shoulder area. You will notice that the site is tight and tense than the surrounding muscles. But sometimes, the most painful knots do not get tight or dense. So don’t focus on the tightness; press the area and notice if you feel pain. The knot may not cause pain in other body areas. Knots are the ones that restrict your joints from moving in a particular position. So when you feel pain while moving a muscle, it means there is a knot in it. Best back massagers can be very effective while massaging over the knot to get faster relief.

  1. Massage Knot

Now when you discover a knotted area in your back, you should gently rub the knot in a circular motion with your fingertips. Be sure to apply gentle pressure; putting too much pressure might hurt you. You will find that pressing the knot helps release the pain, so you should pack it for one minute. If your hand can’t reach the knot position, then you can take help from one of your friends or family members. Or you may also use a handheld knot massager for better relief.

  • Use Tennis Ball to Relief Pain

You can use tennis to recover from knots. You can lie down and place the ball under the area where you found a knot. Apply pressure and move the ball in a circular motion. At the start, you might feel pain, but it will decrease as you continue. You can use some other ball but make sure these are not hard than the tennis ball because it can put a lot of pressure.

  1. Use a Foam Roller

A foam roller can also help you to release tension from muscles. It would help if you did not spend too much time placing your back on the foam roller because it can damage the muscles. And using the foam roller on the lower back can also cause nerves damage, and don’t lie flat on your back while using a foam roller.

  1. Stretching

Stretching exercises will also help you to get rid of the pain caused by knots. Shoulder rolls can help you release tension. You can also try your shoulder by moving your elbows, and squeezing your shoulders together will also help you decrease the stress in your muscles.

  1. Good Habits

You can also prevent and get rid of knots in your back by keeping good habits like applying heat in the area where you feel knot and taking up yoga. Build good habits to prevent knots.