VXRT in the race of producing COVID-19 vaccine

A little-known biotech working on a COVID-19 vaccine has surged ...

Vaxart Inc or VXRT is an American pharmaceutical company that creates, develops, and sells vaccines using DNA technology. It is a publicly owned company that is located in South San Francisco California. Wouter Latour is the CEO and the Director of the firm. Their vaccines are in the form of tablets that can be safely stockpiled or transported without the need for preservation. In the field of preventive healthcare, it has produced tablet vaccines for stopping diseases like norovirus, HPV, seasonal influenza, respiratory syncytial virus. Lately, it has been in the news for developing an oral vaccine for coronavirus. It has been in a partnership with Janssen Pharmaceuticals to create a universal vaccine for flu.

Despite being a young company in terms of business growth and development in the market, VXRT is expecting to bring into production the vaccine for the COVID. Prior to the effect of COVID the company was in a bad shape with a negative growth on a year-on-year basis. The revenue generated on a quarterly basis by this company was also on a negative trend. The revenue recorded by the company was less than $30 million. With recording a loss, the company also has not generated a single vaccine for any trial process across the clinical trials. However, it is only one reason, that is, the platform for the vaccine technology that the company runs on and exists among the major vaccine companies.

The company produces the common vaccines which are administered through injections. The usage of these on the patients require experts in the field of medical research. However, having their vaccine products developed or produced on a not orally based platform, the company is expecting to produce an orally based vaccine for the situation of COVID which the whole world is suffering from.

NASDAQ: VXRT athttps://www.webull.com/quote/nasdaq-vxrtis attempting to involve itself high during the pandemic situation of COVIS-19. The vaccine produced on the highly developed technology platform of Vaxart Inc is expected to be oral vaccine tablets rather than injectable vaccines. The major advantage of these oral tablets is; it will have a more effective impact on the patient and at the same time fewer side-effects on them. Through its production of this vaccine, the company is expected to go on a race along with the other major and expert vaccine companies. The technology platform on which this vaccine is produced is expected to be extremely on a high level across providing a solution for the COVID-19.  You can do stock trading at stock apps. Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.