The Easy 5-Step Routine to Make Your Curly Hair Smoother, Healthier and Frizz-Free  

It’s no secret that curly hair needs a bit more elbow grease to get a perfect style. Curls can be high maintenance, so finding the best routine care for your curls might take some time. We got you, girl, if you haven’t found that perfect curly hair routine to bring you the soft, bouncy, voluminous curls you desire! Here’s an easy 5-step curly hair care routine that adjusts your hair and will give you stunning results.

Our Easy 5-Step Curly Hair Routine

Find the Right Shampoo for Curly Hair

Curly hair requires a lot of moisture. Use curly hair shampoo to help your curls retain as much moisture as possible. Many shampoos rob your hair of the natural oils to stay hydrated and healthy.

Try co-washing for days when you don’t need to wash your hair. Co-washing is a modern term for cleansing and conditioning your hair with a unique type of conditioner that won’t strip your hair of its natural oils and cause breakage, damage, and frizz. 

Let Your Conditioner Settle in Your Hair for Several Minutes

Remember, curly hair is dehydrated hair, so don’t be scared to pile on the conditioner! Use a conditioner specially made for curly hair care, and work it into every strand, covering each curl liberally. Use a wide-toothed comb to gently operate tangles while the conditioner is still in your hair. Let the conditioner work its magic for some more time before rinsing it out.

Gently Squeeze Out Extra Moisture 

After strolling out of the shower, take a microfiber towel or soft cotton t-shirt and gently press your hair to remove extra moisture. Don’t rub or use a regular towel, as the friction can harm your delicate strands and cause frizz. If you need to detangle any tangles, spritz on some leave-in conditioner first and use a wide-toothed comb.

Separate and Define 

Set your hair dryer to the lower setting and connect a diffuser to speed up drying without adding frizz. Let your curls rest gently on the diffuser’s nozzle, resume to scrunch, separate, and define each loop as they dry. Set your style with a humidity-fighting hair spray for absolutely defined yet touchably soft curls with a ton of bounces.

Start Styling When Hair Is Still Wet

There are several different types of curly hair styling products available in the US, including gels, serums, sprays, and mousses. Find the best products for your hair by first identifying your curly hair type.

For extra protection against frizz, prime your curls with a powerful and nourishing frizz-fighting serum while your hair is dripping wet. Then, grind your gel or mousse into damp hair, working from the ends to boost curls to form. A water-based mousse may perform best on wavy to curly hair textures. In contrast, a thicker gel or styling cream will deliver better definition and hold for tighter, denser, kinkier coils.