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Signs It Is Time for a New Roof

If someone lives in an old or aging house, they are probably wondering if and when they need to invest in roof repair or have a new roof installed. Finding the answers to these questions may seem difficult, but there are a few tell-tale signs it is time to make a call to a professional roofer. Keep reading to learn what these signs are.

Daylight Coming Through the Roof

Get into the attic and before turning on a flashlight see if there are any streams of light coming through the holes or cracks in the roof. If there is light coming through, it is a good idea to call for repairs or replacement right away. Remember, if light can get through, so can water.

Stains or Dark Streaks

This is another problem that is easy to identify. If there are dark streaks or stains on the underside of the roof or running down the walls at the base of the roof, it probably means the roof is leaking and that moisture is damaging the roof and the interior structure of the home.

The Roof Looks Like It Is Sagging

Just like water will make cardboard week and soggy, it can impact the structure of the roof. If there are sagging areas in the roof, use a broom or your hand to prod the area gently. If the spot seems wet or soft or bends when it is pushed with the broom, it is a tell-tale sign of moisture damage.

Water Damage or Leaks

Along with looking for sagging areas and dark streaks, it is important to look for any tell-tale signs of water leaking or the roof rotting on the inside. If there are signs of water damage, it is a good idea to call a professional to inspect the roof right away.

Signs of Rotting

Rotting is a common issue for asphalt and wooden roofs. Look for indications of decaying or rotting. Some of the tell-tale signs of this damage would include mouldybuild-up, broken or missing tiles, and rotten tiles.

Algae and Moss

In most cases, algae build-up and growth are not signs that replacement is needed. Instead, moss is an eyesore and is quite common in areas that are humid. A quick fix for this issue is to use the garden hose and spray it forcefully toward the problem area. This should remove most of the moss and algae present. If additional help is needed to get rid of it fully, a solution of hydrogen peroxide and water can be used. There are also commercial preparations available to eliminate moss on roofs. Roofing contractors also provide services to improve the look of a home’s roof.

Don’t Wait to Call for Roof Repair

When it comes to a home’s roof, the worst thing a homeowner can do is to wait to call for repairs. The longer someone waits, the more issues that will occur. It is best to call for service as soon as an issue is seen, as this is going to help ensure the desired repairs are provided. A roofer can also let a homeowner know when it is time for a replacement.