How to Design Safe Playgrounds for Kids?

Playgrounds are always necessary and are a key component in building your child’s future concretely. They help in establishing their cognitive skills as well as practice, emotional, physical, or social development skills. For better development, a child must be exposed to better and well-planned grounds that surely boost their development. Here are a few tips on how you can build playgrounds while maintaining safety and sidewise helping challenge their brain.

Appropriate Site and Play Equipment

It is necessary to have your site and equipment distinguished based upon the age of the kids who are to play there. The Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) instructs to demarcate the play areas for kids aged 6 to 23 months, 2 to 5-year-olds, school-aged children, and children from 5-12 age.

Proper Installations

The site planning might seem to be quite simple and procuring equipment according to plan is also not that tough. What is tough is ensuring those specific equipment undergoes proper installation on the ground. These methods must be carried out by certified professionals who know their work best or you can look about to hire the volunteers who seem to have experience in community building projects.

Environmental Conditions

Kids, although enjoy playing in the sun; the grounds must have the amenities built to provide an equal share of shade too. The visibility of the areas must be perfect and the area must be without any automobile or bicycle traffic. Water or natural hazards must be at bay to ensure complete safety.

Equipment Designs

The equipment that is to be installed must be checked before installation to ensure complete safety and durability while children play on it.

Play Area Layout

The playground layout and patterns can heavily affect a kid’s playing patterns. Hence, building a landscape structure to suit the kids is a tricky task. Consulting landscape experts can be a wise decision to move on with.

Protective Surface

The playground must be devoid of loose land-fills and must effectively be leveled on to stand against unwanted accidents. Fiber rubbers, anti-skid tiles, or a combination of both can help secure the surface.

Safety Audits

Regularly scheduled preventive maintenances can help you understand your playground’s safety rating. You can improvise likewise.

Inspire Play helps you build playgrounds that are well-structured as well as well-built. Every safety and precautionary issues are kept in mind while we work with you.