How To Add Personality To A Bedroom Through Beddings And Area Rugs

When funds for a home makeover runs low, the bedroom is the first to suffer. After all, guests don’t usually get the opportunity to see how the bedroom looks which is ironic because the bedroom is your personal haven where you can relax, rest or sleep. The way that the bedroom is decorated speaks a lot of your personality and lifestyle.

How to add personality to your bedroom


One of the elements in creating a perfectly polished bedroom is the bedding. Select sheets, duvets, duvet covers, blankets, quilts and pillows that feel soft against the skin and can provide a high-level of comfort and warmth. Every year, new options for bedding are introduced aside from the standard white and beige colours. Select the bedding that you find attractive and inspiring because it will set the design tone for the bedroom.

The colour and design of the bedding will have a huge impact on how the room looks and feels. Popular colours for the bedroom include a soft neutral palette of whites, pale blues and greys; however, an elegant mix of taupe, creams and white can be tranquil.

If you want to make a strong statement with your bedding, have it personalized in the colours you love and designs that you have always wanted. There are nature-themed fitted sheets that will go perfectly with the plant on your dresser. There are also abstract pillowcases that can complement the artwork on the wall. There are literally thousands of options to choose from to create a unique retreat.

Area rugs

Area rugs provide a warm surface to step on when you get out of bed. Aside from the comfort that it provides, the colour, design and pattern of the area rug can easily add personality to the bedroom. Traditional bedrooms often use solid-coloured area rugs or classic patterns to visually separate the sleeping area from the rest of the room. Large bright patterns may look too energetic and may not complement the restful function of the bedroom. However, the choice is usually a matter of personal preference and what seems to be visually interesting to you.

Multiple area rugs can bring life to a room particularly if the furniture and walls are painted in a solid colour. An area rug with a different colour and pattern from the rug under the bed can highlight a love seat or bench.

If you have additional furniture, you can set aside a reading chair at a corner or in front of a window. Since floors can be chilly, a rug can provide a warm area. Colours and patterns must be coordinated with the bedding, accent pillows and wall art to create a harmonious effect.

If your purpose is create a one-of-a-kind bedroom, your best option is unique home décor that is personalized according to your desires. Each piece of home décor is handmade, individually designed and crafted to exceed your expectations. The colour and text of an available design can be altered at no additional cost to ensure that is uniquely different from everyone else’s.