How Long Can Preserved Flowers Last? How To Care For It?

Fresh flowers do look extraordinarily beautiful, especially if they are still blooming beautifully. However, it is placed in a vase filled with water and will still wither for the next few days. If you want to maintain their beauty, you must find ways to preserve them. Flowers that are usually preserved in their beauty are roses, daisies, and sunflowers.

Flower preservation has been around for a long time. In the Middle East, ancient human bones were found along with wildflowers which may be used as a tribute to the deceased. They deliberately use certain flowers that are indicated by the pollen they find. Brightly colored ones have also been found in Egyptian tombs that are estimated to be 4,000 years old. They began to be used for decorative purposes such as jewelry, fans, and gloves.

Preserved flowers are fresh flowers that are preserved with a special technique to preserve authenticity. Compared to dried ones, they have the appearance of a real one with a fresh finish. They can maintain their beauty for up to 5 years without the need for water. They are also easy to care for and clean, so they are often used as room decorations or gifts. Then, what can be done to keep them beautiful? Then you can follow the easy way below.

  • Right placement

Unlike the fresh ones that are fresh and require sunshine, They don’t need sunlight and should be stored safely and protected from sun exposure. Because they tend to be more brittle and are prone to fading in direct sunlight, make sure you also keep them clean so that they will still look beautiful. Keep these out of reach of children, pets, and fire because they have been preserved with a flammable chemical preservative and can be dangerous if swallowed by children or pets.

Although you should not store it in a place exposed to direct sunlight, that does not mean you should store this type of flower arrangement in a place with high humidity. Places with high humidity are also dangerous because they can make it wilted, damp, and moldy. You can store it in a dry and not humid place.

  • Don’t spray it with water

Don’t be fooled by the shape that looks like a fresh flower. You shouldn’t sprinkle preserved flowers with water. Dousing them with water will make them wet, which will make them quickly wither and die of rot.

  • Don’t exposed them to air condition

Even though they can be placed in an air-conditioned room, you shouldn’t put them directly under air conditioning because this can cause them to dry out quickly and become brittle.

  • Don’t store them in plastic

To not spoil, keep the preserved flower in a box or a vase and don’t store them in plastic. Because plastic material can make it easier to damage preserved flowers, you can also keep it in a frame and display it on your house’s wall as decoration.

  • Clean the dust

You can clean them carefully with a duster so that the dust on them is removed properly without damaging the flower arrangement. Besides being easier and less costly, cleaning preserved flowers manually reduces the risk of damage and keeps them durable than using a vacuum cleaner.

How? Isn’t it easy to take care of them? If you are confused about where to buy preserved flowers Singapore, look for them and buy them online. You can immediately browse preserved flowers Singapore or fake plants Singapore on the internet, so what you are looking for will appear immediately. Before you look for it, it’s a good idea to know how to choose them.

You have to choose a product based on its color. It is an important aspect to consider when selecting preserved flowers. The use of a special liquid gives them a wide variety of colors that you cannot find in fresh ones. Even if you use the same flower and arrangement method, the impression it creates can differ depending on the color. Besides, it is also important to choose a flower that matches the container and ribbon decoration used. Choose a harmonious and matching them so that the flower arrangement is more pleasing to the eye.

Everyone will be happy if they get a gift in their favorite color. And of course, you want to give a gift that makes your loved one feel good. If you are confused about which color to choose, imagine a color that would suit the person. For example, you can consider the colors that the recipient likes or is likely to match. Maybe you can see it from the items or the color of the clothes that the person often wears. But of course, if the recipient is someone you love, then it is certain that you know their favorite color.

A range of them is available in various sizes. Choosing the right size product is very important especially if you are using it as decoration. If you are looking to buy them online, check the size first. That way, you can avoid feeling disappointed when the size doesn’t match what you imagined.

There are many unique and exciting ways to create preserved flower arrangements. You can put them in pots, boxes, cans, or other objects. Combining it with dolls, music boxes, clocks, and various other objects is also worth trying. You can even surprise yourself using them that match the recipient’s preferences or the interior of the room. It must be fun to be able to arrange them as you wish.

There is a frame made entirely of real flowers. However, there are also flower arrangements whose contents are a combination with artificial ones. Even though they are artificial, they are used to complement and make the series even more stunning.

They are widely used on various occasions be it for an event or a gift. They are widely used on various occasions be it for an event or a gift. They are usually used as decorations for the living room or dining table. As a decoration, a gift, such as a ring box or weddings, uses them as wedding decorations, bridal bouquets, and souvenirs for the invitees.