Five Life Events that Can Result in Divorce

A lot of couples decide to end their marriage in divorce for various reasons. Although many factors cause a marriage breakup, some major life events have contributed to some couples’ decisions. A Litvack Dessureault family law attorney can help couples go through their divorce with fewer worries. They can handle a lot of aspects of a divorce, especially the paperwork part. They know that how both spouses handle the following life events can impact the possibility of getting a divorce. 

Facing a Loved One’s Death

Losing a loved one can affect your relationship, especially if you lost a close family member. You may continue to grieve over the loss for decades, affecting each aspect of your life. Over time, this can put you and your spouse apart from each other and may cause your relationship to break down.

Having Kids

Although having kids is a joyful family event, it can put significant pressure on your relationship. As you deal with the demands of your children, no matter their age, can disclose differences between you and your spouse that can result in marriage fractures. In this case, the law protects your rights to both parenting time and child support. 

Becoming Jobless or Switching Careers

Money issues are the main cause of divorce and this could happen when one spouse losses a job and switches to a lower-paying career. Even if you and your spouse have talked about the kind of lifestyle you wish to live in advance, situations and priorities can eventually change and may result in significant problems in your relationship. 

Chronic Health Conditions

Serious health problems, accident injuries, and major illnesses can ruin a couple’s relationship. The pressure placed on the healthy spouse to provide for the ailing spouse can contribute to divorce. 


After being with your partner for many years and giving them the support, they need, you may be shocked to learn about their intention to divorce. In this case, you may have the right to claim a portion of their retirement benefits. Retirement benefits are considered family property that must be shared between spouses according to the law. 

A pension’s value is an asset that must be included in calculating Net Family Property (NFP). Every spouse has their own property NFP amount. Under the law, the spouse who has the smaller NFP is entitled to 50% of the difference between the NFP of both spouses.