Experience Okpo Dong Massage In Thailand

Even if you have had prior experience in getting a massage, you would need to try a new one elsewhere abroad because it can give you an edge over the others in your land. Your new therapist will be well-versed in massaging techniques that not everyone would know about. Therefore, you should try a new kind of reflexology overseas.

Sleeping massage

For the Okpo Dong massage, you would need to Lie down (다누워) either on your stomach or your back. In fact, once you do so, you will get the best experience ever in a foreign country. Be warned that you might fall asleep during the session. Therefore, you should take care of your belongings by locking them up in your hotel room just to be on the safe side. On the other hand, since they are trained professionals, they will make sure that you get only the best experience when you are abroad.

Take it seriously

Even if you are worried that someone else might know what your health conditions are, you must reveal them to your therapist. He or she will keep the information confidential. This will keep you safe just in case they need to massage you with care. You must be honest with them because you will otherwise be on the losing end. You do not wish to rub your masseur or masseuse on the wrong side. If you do not open up about the diseases you have, you will be the ultimate sufferer at the end of the day. You would, therefore, need to take the entire affair seriously.

Let go of yourself

Before entering the spa, let go of yourself first so that your ultimate goal of relaxation can be achieved. Do not try to control your therapist. Instead, let the masseur or masseuse take over and let yourself enjoy the entire process. It will only be counterproductive if you try to control them. You should also allow yourself to fall asleep so that you will be healed completely by the end of the session. If you want to sleep for some time after your massage sitting, you would need to let your therapist know by indicating the same in their application form.

Everyone experiences the same things

If you are embarrassed about the need to lie down (다누워before your massage, you should not allow it to affect you. Everyone, including your masseur or masseuse, experiences the same bodily functions, whether they are foreigners or locals. Therefore, you should stop being shy about sitting. Make sure that you indicate how many hours of massage you would like to enjoy with your therapist. Even if you are the kind of person who snores immediately after lying down, you would not need to feel ashamed about it, either. Everyone goes through almost the same things. Therefore, if you fall asleep after your session, you should avoid trying to explain it to your massage therapist because he or she is human, too, after all.