Alternatives to wedding rings

Wedding rings are and will always be a symbol of love and commitment between two people. However, as time moves on and seasons change, new trends and ideas come in and who wouldn’t want to try? If buying from the wedding rings Dublin website doesn’t quite do it for you, there are a ton of other options.

These wedding ring alternatives can express love and devotion for your partner the same way wedding rings do. Trying out something new for your wedding may be just the perfect idea and one you’ll always remember.

Here are some wedding ring alternatives to help usher you into a new chapter of life

  • Ring Tattoos

It’s not every day that you’ll find a couple with ring-tattoos on their fingers, how unique? For whatever reason you may have, whether it’s because your skin reacts to metals, or you just feel like trying out something unique, tattoos should be your go-to. The best thing about them is they are permanent, can be designed according to how you wish and you don’t have to worry about them falling off ever!

Simply go to a professional tattoo artist and ask for a unique, intricate design on your ring finger. There are lots of options to try out. Remember that these are permanent and should it ever happen that you don’t need them anymore, they can only be removed through painful tattoo removal procedures.

  • Exchange Silicon wedding rings

Maybe a part of you still likes the traditional wedding ring style. Silicon wedding rings can keep that tradition but in a more modern way. They are cheaper and can still be worn every day. The best thing about them is that even if they get lost it can compare to losing a pricey diamond or silver ring. If they get lost, they can easily be replaced without costing much.

  • Frame each other’s marriage vows

There’s nothing as meaningful and special as the promises a couple makes to each other on their wedding day. All the, “I love you’s and I promise to be there forever,” can be captured and framed. Each of you can always revisit them during your happiest and lowest points, just to remind each other that you promised to be there for each other through good and bad times.

  • Gemstone or crystal

This is a rarer alternative however it’s slowly gaining ground. Even better for you to try it and be unique if you’re a couple that appreciates gemstones and crystals. Gemstones are used during spiritual exchanges of each other’s characteristics as a couple. They are also a means of promoting a healthy connection between each other thereby strengthening the marriage bond. 

  • Try Necklaces/chains

They are comfortable, will less likely fall off, and can be worn every day. Necklaces can be more of an extra accessory to your wedding rings. You can put a wedding ring onto your chain or necklace to symbolize your love for your partner. Another option is having your partner’s name attached to the necklace.

  • Plant a tree

Plant a tree outside your new home to symbolize your union standing tall. This will not only grow but as it grows even your marriage grows, never to be cut down or stolen which happens for traditional wedding rings.

  • Acquire a wedding certificate

For some couples, wearing wedding rings every day seems like too much to ask. There are other alternatives to buying wedding rings, like getting a wedding certificate. This alternative is the best for couples who like to keep things private, besides your marriage isn’t everyone’s business. It’s all about the two of you and what makes you comfortable. Upon earning your marriage certificate, have it framed and display it in your house. That way if anyone wonders whether you’re married or asks, the marriage certificate can speak for you.

  • His and hers mugs

The same way wedding rings are meant to be on your finger for the rest of your lives, mugs can do just the same. They can be used at home, take you to work, and even during vacations to your favorite places. Mugs are a simple but yet cute way of showing each other’s love.

  • Matching bracelets

Similar to necklaces, matching bracelets are an alternative for couples that aren’t favored by the option of buying wedding rings. Bracelets are available in materials such as silver, gold, copper, and leather. Others come in natural designs such as beads and knots. They can also be engraved with each of the partner’s initials and thereafter exchanged to show each other’s love and commitment.

  • Nose rings

Indians practice this way too well. Other cultures have started adapted to the gifting of nose rings as a sign of commitment to their partner. If you naturally love nose rings or are daring this would be a chance to do it or a commitment level. You can pick from the simple designs or the fearless ones if you like.

  • Matching watches

Are both of you watch collectors? You might want to consider exchanging watches on your wedding day instead of buying wedding rings. That way you can add to your watch collection with a set that binds you together. This alternative will be more romantic and meaningful to you.

  • Buy a piece of art together

Go shopping together and purchase an art piece which you can place anywhere in your house. This may seem a little bit ordinary but once you attach sentimental value to a certain item, it catches on. This wedding ring alternative is the best option for art piece lovers.

Last words….

As a couple, how you show each other your love and commitment are up to you. No rule says everyone has to get traditional wedding rings on their big day. Sometimes even our situations such as health, money, and differing beliefs may not allow this to happen. So, don’t be afraid to try out the alternatives that make you truly happy. It may even be what makes your relationship last longer through the happy and sad times.