You would have seen many professional editing apps for iOS and Android devices. These apps help you to make your photos look perfect and just beautiful. Some features are fresh and unique. These editing apps are useful for you to edit your photo professionally. There are filters and editing tools which enable you to make your photos look like a piece of art. But, some of these apps are quite complicated and tough to use. These apps include some unique editing tools which require knowledge from your end. Therefore, you need to know about some essential editing apps. These editing apps include basic features like brightness and other general features.

Let’s dive into it.

● Photolemur

This editing app is a complete package of essential Editing tools and also professional ones. You can edit your photos with great ease without any complications. There is no need for you to watch editing tutorials to use this app. You can edit your photos without any issue due to its pre-editing guide. This guide will help you to understand the working of this app and also its features. These features are uniquely presented with some easy controls. You can change the look of your photo completely by this app. You can visit it’s official website http://iphotoalternative.com for further information. We highly recommend this app for beginners and also for professional editors.

● Pixlr

This editing app is easy to use and also very popular. In the earlier days of editing, the features were fundamental but still quite confusing. Well, there is no such issue with this app. Some features are easy to use and also quite useful. Besides these features, you can also professionally edit your photos with other editing tools. There is also an option for you to change your background altogether. To sum up, all this editing app is for beginners. We highly recommend this app for you to start your editing journey.

● PicsArt

You cannot deny that you have not used this app ever in your life. This is one of the popular essential editing apps. You used this for editing your photos to post it on social media. Due to this, the image of this app has been grounded as a basic editing app. You will find many general features like brightness, saturation, warmness, etc. Talking about the features of this app, you will find any useful tools that will help you edit your photos. This app is available on the App Store of iOS and also Android. To sum it all up, we highly recommend this app for beginners and also daily editors.

● Google photos

Well, this app is already installed in the majority of the editor’s phones. Like others, this app will also help you to edit your photos. There are many general and fundamental editing tools. You can share photos through this app, which is the most significant advantage. There is an issue that you cannot use this app. This app is also handy for beginners who want to edit their photos on a fundamental level.

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