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In Ground Vs Above Ground Swimming Pools

Many dream of having their own pool. Only a few get to make this a reality. If you are about to build yours, then plan it carefully to ensure a good outcome. Hire a great designer and get a reputable contractor. Having experienced professionals on your side will prevent you from committing common errors and wasting money. However, you should also educate yourself about the basics, at the very least. After all, you are the owner so you will have the final say in everything. Below are some of the things you need to think about when comparing in ground vs above ground swimming pools:


A lot of things can influence the cost of a pool including its dimensions, design, and finishing. All things being equal, however, you are likely to spend more on an in-ground pool compared to an above ground pool. You will have to dig the ground before put a structure. This is labor-intensive work which means more payments to contractors. There are also more materials and equipment needed. On the other hand, above ground kits cost about two-thirds less. People will have to consider whether this is worth dealing with the size and shape limitations.

More info on price comparisons can be found at https://openwaterpools.com/the-price-comparison-of-built-in-and-above-ground-swimming-pools/.


One of the things that can sway people to in ground pools is their lengthy service life. Sure, you are going to spend tens of thousands of dollars in building this kind of pool but you will be able to use it for generations. If properly installed and maintained, then you can expect to swim in it for 50 years or longer. In case you move out before then, the buyers will appreciate the pool’s longevity and pay more for the property for the privilege of owning it. Above ground pools tend to last for only 10 to 15 years before needing extensive repairs.


Due to the complexity of in-ground swimming pools, the task of building them cannot just fall on anyone’s hands. Experienced professionals should lead the way to prevent problems that could increase the cost and the duration of the installation. If pipes are encountered underneath, then they may require rerouting. The whole process may take several weeks to finish. In contrast, an above-ground pool is easier and faster. Although some people attempt to do it themselves, it is still advisable to call the professionals for perfect installations. They can provide warranty for their work so owners can enjoy their new pool worry-free.


Pool ownership is not always fun and games. After the guests have gone from your pool parties, you will be left to clean up and keep everything in good shape. People should consider the difficulty of the maintenance work when comparing in ground vs above ground swimming pools. The former tends to be bigger than the latter and this alone tends to make in ground longer to clean. As for repairs, in ground is more expensive than above ground. The good news is that the walls are less likely to get damaged.