Using your iPad to entertain your toddler

Every generation of parents seems to have an ongoing debate about the latest trend, and whether it’s good for their kids. For generations past, it was about things like using formulas or saying the word ‘no’. Today, it’s iPad’s, and their use with toddlers. 

Whilst some people may turn their noses up at tablets, it’s easy to understand why so many parents use them; they work. To help ease your conscience, we’ll explore using an iPad with your toddler. 

Is using an iPad good parenting? 

This is the most common criticism of iPads – that they are a lazy solution. Just stick a screen in front of your child and all your problems will go away. So, are they lazy? The short answer is not always. iPads are a great tool when used correctly. If they are used exclusively as a fail-safe distraction at all times, then you’ll start to move into more dangerous territory. 

Like all things in life, iPads are harmless and often beneficial when used in moderation. So, what’s the right way to use an iPad with your toddler? Let’s find out. 

Choose the Right Content

If you’re going to use an iPad to entertain your toddler, make sure you choose the right content. There are countless hours of online movies and tv shows available for kids, but you need to pay for a lot of this content. Plus, whilst much of it is entertaining, it doesn’t offer much in the ways of education. 

So, why not show them some educational, free kids cartoons on YouTube, so they can laugh while they’re learning? 

Choose the Right Apps

Apps are another great tool for entertaining toddlers on an iPad. There are countless apps available on the App Store, but not all of them are going to be the best thing for your toddler. 

So, take your time to browse through these apps and find things that you know your toddler will enjoy and get something beneficial out of it at the same time. The good news is that there are countless free apps available that we know your toddler will love! 

Choose the Right Time

As we mentioned already, moderation is important. So, it’s important to choose the right time to use it. Long trips are an obvious choice, as well as when working from home. If you feel like you’re using it too much when you go out to eat, why not invite your toddler to join in on the conversation for a while? We’re sure that they will love being included! 

Get a Case! 

Toddlers are great at many things, but holding objects isn’t always their best quality. Given that iPad’s aren’t cheap, we always recommend getting a protective case. 

Don’t do it Alone

Using an iPad doesn’t have to be a solo activity. It can be used as yet another opportunity that you and your child can enjoy something together – if you get the right apps, of course. 

Final Thoughts

There you have it, your complete guide for using an iPad with your toddler.