Reasons To Hire JAN-PRO Cleaning Services In California
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Reasons To Hire JAN-PRO Cleaning Services In California

JAN-PRO has a unique two-tier franchise model. Regional master franchisees don’t perform cleaning services; they sell unit franchises and customer accounts.

JAN-PRO’s business depends on the work performed by janitorial cleaners. Thus, it wants to control the work that is completed. It also requires its regional master franchisees to specify that JAN-PRO is a third-party beneficiary in their contracts with unit franchisees.

They have a wide range of services

In addition to its cleaning services, JAN-PRO offers disinfecting services that protect customers and employees from contagious diseases. Its cleaning staff uses backpack vacuums that meet HEPA filtration standards and color-coded microfiber cloths to prevent the transfer of germs. They also use a commercial disinfectant system called EnviroShield that can kill viruses, bacteria, and other contaminants.

The company also sells janitorial franchises to entrepreneurs. Regional master franchisees act as franchisors in protected regions and advertise their cleaning services in California under the JAN-PRO name. They do not perform any cleaning services themselves, but they receive royalties and commissions on the sales of cleaning contracts to unit franchisees.

JAN-PRO also uses a sophisticated “three-tier” franchising model to avoid paying its janitor’s minimum wages and overtime compensation. Its model allows it to classify janitors as independent contractors rather than employees.

They are reliable

The best warranty in the industry backs JAN-PRO’s cleaning services. They also offer disinfecting services to protect against bacteria and viruses that can cause illnesses. This is especially important in medical facilities, where JAN-PRO uses products that won’t harm patients.

JAN-PRO has franchise locations across the United States. They offer a variety of cleaning and janitorial services for all industries. They also offer green cleaning options for eco-conscious companies and packages that fit any budget.

JAN-PRO’s cleaning services include essential cleaning services like vacuuming and dusting and more profound cleaning services like washing windows, carpet care, and floor maintenance. They can even handle special requests, like disinfecting medical facilities. Their cleaning staff is highly trained to ensure the cleanliness of every customer’s facility.

They are affordable

JAN-PRO Sound cleaning services provide reliable and affordable commercial cleaning solutions for various industries. They also offer additional cleaning and disinfecting services that help clients meet regulatory requirements and protect against contagious diseases.

Local cleaning franchises adhere to branded systems and prioritize accountability when providing high-quality service to their customers. They also offer ongoing training to ensure they are up-to-date on the latest cleaning and disinfection processes.

They are environmentally friendly

JAN-PRO’s cleaning services are environmentally friendly and help reduce germs. Their disinfecting products are suitable for the environment and effective against germs and bacteria. The company also offers several other services, such as trash removal and sweeping.

JAN-PRO is a multi-tiered franchise system, with regional master franchisees providing cleaning services to customers and earning a percentage of those payments. The company’s business model is similar to Parks Cab’s, but several differences exist.

JAN-PRO’s cleaning services target various industries, including auto dealerships, daycare centers, preschools, and financial institutions. In addition, they specialize in cleaning and sanitizing restrooms and offer specialized floor care in areas with heavy foot traffic. Their detailed cleaning also helps to improve indoor air quality.

They are fast

JAN-PRO offers some cleaning services that are designed to meet a variety of industries and budgets. These services range from light cleaning to sanitizing and disinfecting. They also offer green cleaning options for eco-conscious businesses. They can handle large and small spaces and work within your schedule.

JAN-PRO provides services for various industries, including auto dealerships, restaurants, schools and universities, financial institutions, and healthcare facilities. Their detail-oriented cleaning and disinfecting methods help clients comply with federal, state, and municipal health regulations. Their cleaning staff is trained in the specific needs of each industry and uses products that are safe for children and patients.

The company’s franchise model is an excellent opportunity for business owners wanting to enter the commercial cleaning industry. They provide extensive training and support for their franchisees, ensuring they can deliver exceptional cleaning services in California.