Preparation Tips for a luxury destination wedding 

Wedding day is one of the most special days in everyone’s life. It always brings joy, happiness, traditional rituals, ceremonies, memories altogether and most importantly two made for each other souls tie their everlasting knots on this day. 

With time, destination weddings have taken charge of the simple weddings. A destination luxury wedding far at some beautiful location can lead to a more special ceremony. 

This occasion gives opportunity to the couple and the guests to visit new places and explore them. Planning events like these are not easy, it requires lots of planning and management and to avoid the messed up organization you can hire a specialized company for the organization of luxury wedding French Rivera. There are some important things to consider before you pack your bags to a foreign country to celebrate your love.

Here are things you need to consider to plan a destination wedding on French Riviera

Choose a nice location

The destination you decide must be safe and meet all the requirements and sources that you need. There will be several guests and children, if your wedding cannot accommodate all your guests and cannot fulfil their needs then it won’t work. Make sure that there are no warnings on travelling, health concerns in the chosen destination, or political issues and if there are some, make sure you inform your family, friends, and guests so that they won’t be uncomfortable.


After you decide the location, it’s time to decide the venue according to the upcoming wedding date. It is suggested to check the venues and bookings earlier. Delaying it will cause a lot of mess and stress at the last moment.

Imagine the decoration

The Decoration part is the most fun and exciting part of a wedding. One simply cannot resist it. It shows the tone and style and sets the mood for the whole wedding. 

The theme

There are so many themes to stick on, so choose them according to your mood. It could be romantic, vintage, whimsical, modern, rustic, casual, bohemian, formal, traditional, nautical, eco friendly, celestial, tropical, preppy, flower decoration, and many more.

Fix a budget

You need to check on each aspect involved in the wedding to save on unnecessary expenses but always consider unexpected expenses too like shipping costs, baggage fees, non-vendor fees, airport transfers, etc. Make sure you can afford that easily.

Plan additional events

Everyone enjoys exploring a destination wedding. Add on some activities to make all of yours wedding tour even more worthy. It isn’t necessary to plan a full weekend wedding but an extra party can always set the mood and will also help the guests to blend in with the environment. You can include interactive activities you like.

The wedding dress

Do check on the weather and the climate and choose your wedding dress accordingly. If it a hot or humid location, a breathable dress will work perfectly. A lightweight lace dress or embellished ball gown at a villa in France can become a breathtaking sight.

Some Wedding packages

There is a huge amount of investments and expenditures in weddings. So always check on nice wedding packages and discounts to avoid too much expenditure. That will not only save you money but it will also be a lot of convenient and easy in planning. What will be better than getting a customized wedding package in your favorite destination?

Make sure you can get legally married

There are things to consider with marriages held abroad. There are different legal requirements of marriage depending on where you are getting married. So you need to have a civil marriage in advance (a day before you leave for your destination wedding) in your home country.

Have a wedding insurance

Always expect the unexpected while marrying in a foreign country. It is advised to invest some in the wedding insurance that will protect the financial investment and will contribute some support.

Some of the venues even demand it! Do look after signing up in advance and be clear about the policies.