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What Are Most Suitable Ways for Housekeeping of Hotel Rooms?


While renting a room in a luxurious and five-star hotel, the priority of every guest is polished furniture, comfortable bedding with the fresh Cotton satin fitted sheet, and shining bathrooms. Housekeeping is the backbone of any B&B hotel. A housekeeper is a staff member whose job is to ensure that the room is spotless. Housekeeping also takes measures to maintain the hygiene and cleanliness of rooms. It is unacceptable to greet the customers by smells and filthiness in the rooms. Housekeeping is a silent service. Your housekeepers are doing their job at their finest if your customers do not raise a concern. 

The main challenge for housekeepers is time management. Housekeeping requires cleaning, disinfecting, and doing the laundry multiple times a day. Being efficient with the tasks is one of the basic requirements of any housekeeping staff. It is the job of the housekeeping to complete all the tasks on time. Housekeeping is all about making the room presentable. It includes a clean, sanity and a welcoming environment in the rooms. People expect an A-class service when they book a hotel room. Having a long list of pending things will require using a technique.

 It is essential to streamline all tasks to complete the work on time. In this blog, we are discussing some steps to excel in your housekeeping job.

Ventilate the hotel room before cleaning:

Before cleaning any room, you need to let the air inside. Open the windows or balcony doors to let the fresh air into the room. This step will help in making the filthy and suffocated smell go away. Doing so will also help you get rid of any cleaning chemicals. 

Change the sheets of the bed:

After ventilating the room, you need to clean the bedding. Strip the old bedsheets and throw them in the laundry basket. After that, check the matters and smooth them out. Now, remove the pillow covers and put them in the basket. While stripping the sheets, inspect the bed and look for any damages and spots.

Vacuum the flooring and clear bins:

Clean the left-out rubbish on the floor with the help of a vacuum. Ensure to collect all the trash from the surfaces, kitchen, and shelves. Clean out the bins and remove the waste from them. Now replace the old bin liners with the new ones.

Dust the surfaces with cloth:

Rooms can become dusty even after a day or two. You need to dust the surfaces and shelves daily. For this, take a new piece of cloth and start cleaning the televisions, hard surfaces, bedding, side tables, and cabinets. You also have to do the dusting of the ceiling every week. For this, you need an extendable duster.  

Cleaning of bathrooms and kitchen area:

Next, you need to clean the bathrooms and kitchen area. These two areas require extra attention and care from you. Housekeepers require to thoroughly clean and wash the bathroom daily. Scrub the surfaces of the tub, sinks, shower, and toilet. You also have to disinfect the bathroom. Do not forget to mop the surface of the bathroom and kitchen area. Check the bathroom and shower area for mildew. Scrub the area to clean it. You can also use vinegar and baking soda to remove the dried mold. Let the mixture sit in the place for some time and clean it with a scrubber. Place new towels in the cabinets.

Clean the windows and mirrors:

In rooms, windows and mirrors can become dusty and dirty quickly. Take your time to make the mirrors and windows spotless. Use a special glass cleaner cloth to make the glass crystal clear. Vacuuming will help you freshen up the room.

Disinfect the high touch surfaces:

You need to disinfect the items that the guest frequently touches. It will include doorknob, TV remotes, door handles, light switches, and phones. 

Lay the new linen sheets on the bed:

After that, lay the new linen sheets on the bedding. Cover the pillows with new and freshly washed covers.