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Lift Maintenance and Installation

People use lifts every day, but most probably don’t think about what is going on behind the scenes and in the shaft of an elevator. However, lift maintenance, replacement, and installation are all highly important.

Why Do Lifts Need Maintenance?

There are two very important reasons lifts should be regularly inspected and maintained. First of all, it is crucial to ensuring the safety of passengers. Second, it is legally mandated in Singapore that lifts must be maintained monthly.

If you need to have your lift regularly maintained, it’s a good idea to start working with professional lift maintenance services in Singapore, such as Hin Chong. Professional lift maintenance services are experts in the maintenance, installation, and modernization of lifts.

Lift Installation

There are two different types of lift installations: installation of residential lifts and lifts for commercial use. Both types of lifts take a surprisingly little amount of time and disruption to install. The main difference between the two is that residential lifts are much smaller than lifts designed to transport commercial goods.

Residential lifts may need as little as 1.5 meters by 1.5 meters of space. Excluding structural works, like the elevator shaft, the lift will likely only take six to eight weeks to install.

The cost of the lift varies quite a bit, especially for residential lifts, which allow a high degree of customization. However, excluding the structural works, most lifts cost between $45 to 60 thousand.

Lift Modernization

Many companies and residences already have lifts. If you have a lift already, you may want to look into getting it modernized. Lift technology isn’t something that many people think about a lot, but it’s very important and can dramatically change the safety and performance of a lift.

Even older lifts can be equipped with the latest technology. Equipping an older lift with new technology can improve performance and safety, prolong the lifespan of the lift, and decrease the long-term costs of lift replacements and maintenance.

One of the best improvements you can invest in is converting a lift from a hydraulic lift system to a traction lift. Traction lifts have many advantages over hydraulic lifts that can radically change the safety and performance of an existing lift. Traction lifts are energy efficient, faster, less expensive to maintain, and offer better performance.

Lift Replacement

Sometimes, lifts cannot just be modernized. At a certain point, all lifts must be replaced. There are a few clear signs that a lift is due for a replacement.

If a lift is older than 20 years old, it may be time to start thinking about replacing the unit to make sure that it is still performing well and is safe to use. If a lift is breaking down often, it may be time to replace it. Lifts with high maintenance and repair costs or long downtimes should also be replaced.

Lift maintenance isn’t something that can be put off. To abide by the law and ensure the safety of users, lifts need to be maintained and modernized.