How To Crop A Portrait Photo

Let’s first see how to crop a portrait photo while editing with and where we run the serious risk of damaging the image. You will know that there are different types of photographic planes; If you don’t know, now is the time for you to find out. I say this because it is likely that when saying portrait, you think only of a face. However, a portrait can also be a full-length or half-length photo, etc. This is important now because I will not only talk about cutting by an ear or not, but we will also talk about limbs.

The basic rule of thumb in portraits is to never cut across the joints. It does not fit. It is as if somehow we amputated a member of the subject. That is the impression on an unconscious level that it causes us, and that is why it does not usually work.

We see it better with examples, but you decide. First, the “pimples”, it seems to me that mid-thigh usually looks good in all the photos, but cutting midway through the knee and ankle does not seem to me that it usually works, it gives me the impression that something is missing in the image, something squeaks at me, and look I have made this mistake many times. I did not finish seeing what was happening. Another comparison, which frame does you like the most?

The other part of the body that I would put nuances on is the neck. Ok, many say the neck can cut it without problems. Insurance? If you pay a little attention, you will see that not anywhere on the neck. Some photos seem to be more beheadings than portraits. Leaving some air and cutting rather close to the clavicles, I think it is much better than cutting just at the beginning or middle of the neck.