How Can You Keep Your Portable Toilets Clean? – 5 Easy Steps For You To Follow!

Porta-potty and rental toilets are an excellent fit for multi-day events like weddings, functions, or festivals. While they are incredibly convenient, maintaining them and cleaning them can be challenging.

Suppose you require services like luxury portable restroom rentals in Madison, GA, and instead of being helpful, it turns out to be a mess for those using it. Doesn’t sound like a great event, does it?

Well, no worries, as this article is here to help! Through this blog, you will know the essential points to keep in mind while cleaning portable toilets.

Order enough units

The number one point to keep in mind is to order enough units. Ensure that the correct number of units are available if you aim to keep the portable toilets clean and not always over-used.

A strong recommendation should be to have at least 1 toilet for 100 guests in your event in Madison, GA – but if it is an outdoor function, you should technically opt for more pieces.

Disinfection of the insides

You need to prepare the tank well for use. The tanks are generally refilled with an additive that will break down and remove the waste.

Most people in Madison also use an antimicrobial fog that is a broad spectrum in nature. Additionally, it is also essential that the application is proper and the correct drying time is given.

Odor control products

Madison is known for its historical presence and appreciation of art. Because of this factor, the city runs Georgia’s longest-running Tour of Homes and events with several activities for the attendees. Some of the popular festivals are the Juneteenth festival, Wildwood Revival, the City of Oxford July 4th parade, the Annual Kulture festival, Eatonton Mistletoe Market, and more.

A place with many events happening equates to the installation of the porta-potty. To that account, several portable toilets are rented out to ease the public of any worries during this time.

Imagine having people lining up outside luxury portable restroom rentals in Madison, GA, and the trailers emanate bad odor! As a host and a participant, this is big trouble. For such significant events, odor control products are your best friends in maintaining portable washrooms.

These odor control products are generally deep blue and have strong chemicals that mask all the bad smells with a pleasant fragrance. Moreover, these chemicals also remove the odor-spreading bacteria.

Allowing cubicles some time to air out

If your portable toilets are being used frequently, sanitation products might not be enough. Then what should one do?

The simple answer is to allow your cubicles to air out between the uses. This duration should be about 30 minutes, and the airing out process must be done multiple times in a day.

Touchpoints should be wiped down

You will notice that specific portions of the portable toilet will be dirtier than the others. The main cause behind this variance is that these places are touched more by the people using the toilet. Examples of these places could be door handles, toilet paper holders, and sanitizer dispensers.

You must constantly clean using robust cleaning solutions through the eight-fold method for such touchpoints. The eight-fold method means that the clean rag is folded more than twice, and one of the sides is used to wipe the touchpoint.

Wrapping Up

If you rent out portable toilets in Madison, you should know these tips to keep them clean. As essential as they are, bad-smelling and unhygienic toilets do no good to anybody.

You can also go to some professional agencies for cleaning purposes to get the best results.