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Check 7 advantages of quartz countertops 

There should be one basic goal while selecting a countertop material for your kitchen – The balance between style and function. If you don’t want to go for granite and are worried about marble getting stained, quartz could be a great alternative. For the unversed, quartz is engineered. Yes, it is made of 95% natural quartz and 5% polymers. The good news is you can find endless designs and styles in quartz. Stores like Granite au Sommet quartz imitation marbre in Montreal can help you find the right kind of customized material. In this appreciation post, we are sharing the many benefits of quartz countertops. 

  1. Quartz is uniform. Natural stones, for obvious reasons, may not have the same color and look in different batches. Uniformity is something that may homeowners seek in their countertops, and if you are one of them, quartz should fit the bill. 
  2. Replacement is easy. With quartz counters, replacing a small broken chip, or a part of the counter doesn’t have to be complicated. The replaced area wouldn’t stick out, as with natural stones. 
  3. More colors. This is one of the better reasons to choose quartz over other options. You have literally endless colors, themes, looks, and finishes to choose in quartz, including options that replicate other natural stones. If you want the counters to look like marble, that’s possible too!
  4. No hefty maintenance. With kitchen countertops, maintenance is often a big concern, but not with quartz. The material is nonporous and not susceptible to staining. You can clean quartz counters easily with soap water and a wet cloth. 
  5. It is eco-friendly. Compared to granite, which must be mined and then transported, quartz is more environment friendly, as it is engineered. While quartz transportation may seem like concern, it is still better than granite and marble in that department. 
  6. More durable. Many people may find this surprising, but quartz is actually stronger and more durable than granite. This is the precise reason why it has topped the charts for many interior experts. 
  7. Similar pricing. When you compare the cost of quartz countertops with granite, there isn’t a big difference. Of course, other factors do have a role, such as the look and finish, but both quartz and granite belong to a similar price bracket. 

Quartz countertops also often have better warranties. Check for a vendor near you and find a few quartz samples to get a better idea of the material and its appeal.