Head start your journey of playing by getting a signup bonus on Ludo Star

Ludo Star

Ludo star and the GetMega app are gaming platforms that have a good interface. With these two apps, you can easily understand and know how to play the game very fast. Due to their simplicity, even novice players or new players can have a high probability of winning. With these platforms, you will get the best games that you can play with your friends or family members, either online or offline.

Ludo games are simple and the best games. With this platform, you will come across this exciting game that you can play with your opponents. 

 The exciting thing with this platform is that you can get a bonus and use it to play games on the platform. If you are good at gaming or fortunate, you can start your playing journey on this platform and win even on your first game. Let’s dive in deeper on how to head-start your playing journey by getting a signup bonus on Ludo Star.

How to get your signup bonus on Ludo star?

  • Installing the app

First, you have to install the app on your mobile device. For the android device, you can download the app at the Google play store and for the iOS at the app store.

  • Registration

After you have successfully installed it into your device, now is time to register on the app, just like you do on GetMega. Once you open the app on the first page at the bottom, after the login button, click join now.

A page will display where you will be required to enter your mobile phone and password. You have encountered the OTP verification in GetMega, right? Here too you will be required to verify your phone number with OTP after successful registration. Here you will need to click the OTP button so that you can get the OTP code. After entering the code then you have to click register.

  • Getting your signup bonus

Once the registration process has finished successfully, then the home page will display. Here you will see the different games that you can choose and play. In addition, like on GetMega here, you will get a welcome bonus that will help you start playing your first game on the Ludo Star app. Therefore, if you do not have money, you can register and use the registration bonus to play. If you want to add the amount using the platform to place a large stake, you can use the refer button to refer your friends and family members to have a large stake to put on your first game on this gaming platform.

How can you play your first game on the Ludo app?

Playing your first game on the Ludo Star app is very simple and easy. Here you will have to use your signup bonus to play the game and win or earn real money. First, on the homepage, you will see various games, so you will be required to select the one you want to play. Once you choose the game from the given categories, the app can choose an opponent randomly to play with you.

Once you play with your opponent and score higher than your opponent, you will win real money from the game. The reward will instantly reflect into your winning wallet, and you can withdraw it.


Thank you for reading; at this point. It could be an excellent idea for you to play on Ludo Star. So long as you are a game lover, it is a big plus because you can win real money with the registration bonus on your first game. Remember, even if you are a novice user, there are free games on Ludo Star’s platform just as GetMega that you can use to nurture your skills to utilize your registration bonus well once you have mastered the skills. 

Like GetMega, you can earn a lot of money even after your first game. Since this is the best platform, you can enter into the competition even with a small stake, but in the end, you can win massive rewards.